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SHANG Magazine 

Fashion Feature Article in July/August 2012 Issue
Photographed at Geneva On The Lake pages 64-73
                           and Corning Museum of Glass pages 58-63

Classics and modernity in beautiful summer

     Translated from Mandarin by Yi Cao     

     During our trip to upstate New York, we first visited Corning. As one of the biggest glass manufacturers in the world, nowadays Corning became a city’s name. This company’s light bulbs help Einstein light the dark night. This company’s glass for spaceships helps astronauts see the space. This company’s optical fibers help connect numerous people. This company creates various miracles, not only in industry but also in magnificent art works. A lot of the world’s best glass artists are from Corning. This is not only due to first-class facilities but also because of top schools in glass-blowing here in Corning. The world’s largest glass museum, the Corning Museum of Glass was also built here. From the world’s first, square-size Pharaoh statue to modern meter-long glass statue combination, transparent glass reflects changes in history of thousands of years. When we looked at all the arts in the museum, sometimes the glass looks like hard rocks and sometimes the glass looks like soft water. Looking at all those unimaginable glass is a very extraordinary experience.

            A perfect trip should be colorful and rich. While enjoying the impact of natural wonders, we also need to experience the magnificence of human civilization. While enjoying the beauty of the modernity, we also need to enjoy the leisure of the classical. The next step of our trip is the Finger Lakes Region.

            As the sun rises in the summer, soft lights shine on the Geneva On The Lake. Newly-cut flowers and grasses in the European style green garden give off fresh fragrance. On the breakfast table there are soft croissants with crispy bacon, fresh fruits, nice coffee and decorative flowers. A beautiful day thus starts with the surrounding forest and singing from the birds.

            As the sun rises higher, white, retro architecture changes from gold yellow to pink. When people walk on the soft grass, dew gradually wets their feet. In the afternoon people either play croquet with friends or lay on a chair reading books. On the nearby Seneca Lake, small fishing boats leave lazy arc lines on the surface. We visited several nearby, random wineries near the lake areas. The deep long Seneca Lake brings the lakes effect, which results in perfect weather for grapes to grow. During the beautiful summer, vines are glistening green. After tasting several local wines in the winery, straight-forward girls love that aged Sauvignon Blanc, glamorous girls love that rich Merlot, and vigorous girls love that sweet Ice Wine.

            At dinner time, the forest yard under the sunset gradually gets quiet. Warm, shining candle lights from the restaurant in the villa can be seen. Pianists play intoxicated slow Jazz and harpists play touching classical songs. Some customers order lamb chops with perfect texture, some order delicious and juicy red wine duck and some still think about blackberries in the chilled ice wine. Surprisingly, we were able to have a bottle of first-class local Pinot Noir.

            Taking a walk after dinner, we saw stars and heard insects singing. We started to sing songs unintentionally as well, and recalled poems we like, stories we cherish, and people’s face we love. Only people who know how to enjoy life can feel such kind of feeling. Such kind of feeling only emerges when people have a peace of mind.

Original article, page 66-75

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