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Geneva On The Lake Wine Country Villa and Resort

The Sculptures of Geneva On The Lake

Sculptures (outside) front off the building right side to back of building.

  • Esquiline Venus (torso), Greek, 5th Century B.C., Naples Museum.
  • Cherub, Renaissance, by Andrea del Verrochio, Pulazzo Vecchio, Florence.
  • Hermes (head), Greek, by Praxitelles, 4th Century B.C., Acropolis Museum.
  • Lemnian Athena (head), Greek, attributed to Phidias, circa 450 B.C., Civico Museum, Italy.
  • Sophocles (head) late 4th Century B.C., British Museum.
  • Hera of Samos, Archaic Greek, circa 560 B.C., Louvre.
  • Torso (clothed), Archaic Greek, Louvre.
  • Venus de Milo, Greek, circa 100 B.C., discovered in 1820, Louvre.
  • Two heads in oval niches, east façade.
  • Pieta and other religious statues - part of the original Shrine of the Finger Lakes
Bas-reliefs (inside)
  • Bacchic Dance, originally from Herculaneum, circa 100 B.C., National Museum Naples. Entrance F, 1st floor.
  • Satyr with Panther, originally from Herculaneum, circa 100 B.C., National Museum Naples. Entrance E, 1st floor.
  • Rosette, Moorish, from the walls of the Alhambra, Granada, Spain. Entrance B, 1st floor.
  • Egyptian Frieze, Pharon, Horus and his wife meeting the god Thoth, Louvre. Entrance F, 2nd floor.
  • Processional Relief, Classical Greek, Hermes and one of the Charities, circa 480 B.C., Louvre. Entrance E, 2nd floor.
Terra-cotta urns (outside) on pedestals around the pool.
  • Six terra-cotta urns originally brought from Italy, are being restored and will soon be replaced on their pedestals.

FOR RESERVATIONS: 1-800-3-GENEVA or 315-789-7190
1001 Lochland Rd., Route 14, Geneva, New York 14456
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